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Melbourne Storm 2022 Castore Mens Women of Storm Tee

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Melbourne Storm 2022 Castore Mens Women of Storm Tee

In 2022 the Melbourne Storm players warm up in the Victorian Women's Trust x Women of Storm Castore Warm Up Tee against the Warriors and Titans. 

The story behind the artwork, Strength in Equality.

Strength in Equality” is all about educating our community on how much stronger we can be, if we are all equal.

The hexagon, is a symbol of strength.

The layers in it represent individual people and the power each person has to instill change.

The overlapping linework and hexagons represent continuity and time.

Emphasising that creating change is a journey and the learning never stops.

The base colouring of the warm up top is the Storm navy, it features the hexagon pattern across the front that features accents of the Victorian Women’s Trust navy and teal as well as accents of the Storm purpleand a new colour - coral.

The sleeves will have a cuff that features all colours and the campaign tagline in a continuous pattern.

On the back of the top there is an equals sign.

This signifies that we are all equal and ties back to our tagline - the future = gender equality.

Melbourne Storm Castore Women of Storm Tee features:

  • Sublimated Melbourne Storm, Castore, Redzed, Suzuki and Victorian Women's Trust logo's
  • Sublimated detail throughout. 
  • Lightweight stretch polyester fabric. 100% polyester
  • Sizing fit - standard fit. Please refer to size chart for body fit dimensions.
  • Manufactured by Castore